Major Clean-Up for Region Eight

DPI, GUYANA, Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) through the Ministry of Natural Resources is investing $5 million towards major cleanup works in Region Eight.

Quincy Thom, Senior Environmental Officer GGMC.

Senior Environmental Officer of GGMC, Quincy Thom told the Department of Public Information (DPI) the works will commence in Mahdia before moving onto other communities. The agency through the Ministry of Natural Resources over the past few days has been working along with the region to upgrade the Mahdia dumpsite.

He explained that the aim is to close the entrance of the site and remove all the garbage to the back until the new landfill is opened. “The site was temporary; it should be closed off. The Region through Ministry of Communities and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has identified a site, but this site is still being used because until that process is completed the residents need somewhere to dump their garbage,” Thom explained.

The site is marked with a temporary caution tape to restrict persons from indiscriminately disposing of garbage. Efforts are in place to have someone monitor the area to ensure there is proper waste disposal. With Mahdia, in line for township status, it is most likely the community will see further expansion; hence the garbage situation needs to be under control Thom said.

In addition to addressing the dumpsite situation, GGMC has also donated 120 garbage bins with covers to further boost refuse disposal in the region. Other communities targeted in the region include Mikobi, Princeville and Campbell town.

Jasmine Adams, Acting Environmental Officer in Waste Management.

“We’re hoping to enlighten residents about the Litter Act.  We want persons to know they must abide by the laws and dispose of their waste in a proper manner. This Clean Up My Country project is ongoing by the Ministry. The first one was held in Kamarang, then we went to Baramita now to close off the year we’re at Mahdia,” the Senior Environmental Officer underlined.

The clearing and organising of the dumpsite is being undertaken by a group of companies who collaborated to form the Potaro Contracting Services. Manager, Clarkes Contracting Services, Oswald Clarke highlighted that before works the garbage was overflowing from the site onto the road.

He said that “back in 2015 after elections the region approached us for the massive cleanup campaign and we did then and stopped. But when GGMC came in recently we volunteered to start back the process. Until the area is closed off and garbage goes over to the new site we will be monitoring to ensure the garbage goes into one area.”


By: Ranetta La Fleur

Mahdia dumpsite being upgraded.