MARAD hosts domestic violence awareness forum for employees

The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) held a domestic violence awareness forum for its employees during the period May 29 – June 7, 2018 at the department’s head office and at the Ports and Harbours office respectively.

Child Link Guyana partnered with MARAD in facilitating this event, aimed at heightening awareness among employees regarding the reality of domestic violence in Guyana.

Employees benefitted from these sessions collectively where theories, ideas and experiences were shared amongst each other which enabled a better understanding of domestic violence.

Presenters from Child Link Guyana were Kean Chase, Ashome Clarke, Stacy Parris, and Katina Benn – George, an employee of MARAD, and also a former professional Counsellor of Child Link Guyana.

Some of the areas of focus included ‘Forms of domestic violence’, ‘The Cycle of domestic violence’ and ‘Triggers of domestic violence.’

During the presentation, it was revealed that violence against women occurs in all sectors of society regardless of race, religion, social status, educational or economical background in all countries of the world.

In Guyana, in the years 2013/2014, there were over 3,000 reported domestic violence cases. More than 80% of the victims were females.