Medical outreach team hosts fitness challenge

-in observance of Men’s Health Month

The West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) specialist medical outreach team hosted a fitness challenge on Friday in observance of Men’s Health Month.  

The event saw male staff of the WDRH participating in activities including weight lifting, speed training, stair climbing, cycling, and other sports.

Recipient, Jordan Barnwell receiving a gift certificate and hamper

Men’s Health Month, which is observed annually in June, strives to inspire boys and men to take care of their general health by making good lifestyle choices.

Randy Khemraj representing the Records Department

It also serves to dispel deeply rooted societal stigmas, bring attention to the difficulties men confront with their mental health, and promote open dialogue about men’s mental well-being.

Recipient, Revin Chandrabose receiving a gift certificate and hamper

A blue ribbon serves as the month’s official emblem.

Men’s related health concerns were the subject of the discussions, including prostate cancer screening, which encourages men to take care of their health, make informed lifestyle decisions, and seek appropriate medical support when necessary. 

Revin Chandrabose representing the Pharmacy Department

Coordinator of the event, Calvin Roberts said enough emphasis is not usually placed on activities geared toward men. 

Nurse Keenan Pitt representing the Emergency Room Department

As such, he highlighted that, “I have decided to host the first fitness challenge to raise awareness for Men’s health month.”

Coordinator of the event, Calvin Roberts

The male participants received a token of appreciation or a gift certificate which can be utilised at a barbershop or gym.

Dr Nateram Singh representing the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at WDRH

The event was described as a great success.