Minister Allicock debunks accusations by NTC executives

DPI, GUYANA, Friday, August 25, 2017

Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs Sydney Allicock debunked accusations by National Toshaos Council (NTC) executives, that government is responsible for them not having adequate input in the agenda for the 2017 NTC Conference.

This comes after Lennox Shuman, Vice-Chairman of the NTC openly stated on day five of the conference that their concerns were not being properly addressed. He said this was due to executives having little input in the agenda of the conference. However, Minister Allicock said that these claims are untrue.

The Minister disclosed that he urged the members of the NTC to begin preparations for the 2017 conference at the end of the 2016 conference.

“I made mention of it last year, telling them that to prepare as of now, soon as the conference is finish for next year so we do not find ourselves. In late minute preparations, three weeks before this conference, I questioned the PRDO who got on to the NTC executives who said they are working on it” adding that “they had not the simple courtesy to say let us speed up this process” he explained.

Minister Allicock noted that the request was made because he recognised many questions were being left unanswered. According to the Minister, the early submission of their agenda for the 2017 conference would have allowed for better preparations by the Ministers and agencies when addressing issues.

Hebelievesthat the uproar created by the executives has a lot to do with politics. Clearly upset, Minister Allicock pointed out that the members of the NTC are not serious about having their matters addressed, but would rather engage in activities that are not on the agenda.

The minister added he was very surprised at their actions since the freedom they are now allowed, was not afforded a few years ago. “Today you heard a lady saying that this is one of her best conferences, never happen before and it is true because we could not have in times gone by, reporters like yourself coming in, they would chase you out, they could not have Toshaos or representatives standing up, they would box them, curse them but that is what is has happened and we are trying to bring some order,” the Minister explained.

The Minister Allicock said that it time to put aside differences and work together for a better way of life. The Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs,he said is working assiduously for the upliftment of the indigenous people.


By: Isaiah Braithwaite