Minister and Education Team Visit boat mishap students

March 15, 2018 – Today Hon. Minister Nicolette Henry Minister of Education and Chief Education Officer Mr. Marcel Hutson visited the three students who are now patients at the Georgetown hospital following a boat mishap. During the visit to offer moral support the Minister and CEO were appraised by medical officials of the students’ prognosis and diagnosis related to their injuries. The Minister also had a chance to engage in interactions with the patients and their parents.

On Wednesday March 14, 2018, a David “G” boat operating in the Region 7 area, Bartica, was in involved in an accident which resulted in several students and the boat captain sustaining injuries. Three (3) of the injured students and the boat captain were flown to the GPHC for medical attention.

On Thursday too, a team of Senior Officers from the Ministry of Education also visited the hospital visit to ascertain the medical condition of the injured persons. That team was headed by Mr. Marcel Hutson, Chief Education Officer who was accompanied by Mr. Owen Pollard, Assistant Chief Education Officer (Primary), Ms. Juneann Gonsalves, Assistant Chief Education Officer (Secondary), Ms. Glenna Vyphius, Chief Schools Welfare, Ms. Onika Pearson, Senior Schools Welfare Officer and Mr. Brushell Blackman, Senior Public Relations Officer.

During that visit officers interacted with Dr. Khan who indicated that all the patients were in a stable condition and that the two female students may be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, Friday March 16, 2018.

Mr. Williams the boat captain explained that the operating cable for the boat “cut” and as such, he was unable to stop the boat in a timely manner. Hence, he was forced to swerve from colliding into the Stelling and as a result the boat ran aground on the river bank and all occupants were hurled from the boat.

Detective Corporal Kester Cosbert was visiting the patients during the time of our visit. He took a statement from Mr. Williams, boat captain and indicated that statements will be taken from the students in the presence of their parents.

Particulars on the Injured Persons:

  1. Cleveloyde Edmonds age 15, a grade 10 student sustained back and spinal injuries and is in a stable condition and will be on bed rest during his recovery.
  2. Shaniel Moshette age 16, a grade 11 student fractured her right tibia, right shoulder and has a gaping wound to her right leg in the region of her knee. The student was taken to the theater for surgical procedure (cleaning and suturing of the wound) and is now in a stable condition. 
  1. Iola Thornhill, age 14, a grade 9 student is nursing a broken wrist and also suffered trauma to the right knee. Her wrist will be in cast for 4 to 6 weeks but she is in a stable condition.
  2. The boat captain is Mr. Akeem Williams. He is in a stable condition nursing multiple injury.