Minister Hughes tours Texila university’s new campus

Colgrain House, 205 Camp St., Nth C/burg, Georgetown
April 19, 2017
Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes, was conducted on a comprehensive tour of the spanking new campus of the Texila American University(TAU) located at Providence, EBD.  Texila is an accredited private medical school owned by the Texila American University Ltd. headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The University has been operating in Guyana since September 2010 and now offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Allied Sciences.
Vice Chancellor Dr. A. Anand, and Head of Operations, Immanuel Prabalanatham, were part of the team that guided the tour of several laboratories, classrooms and examination rooms, mock trauma center and other medical teaching facilities.  They explained Texila’s broad use of advanced Information Technology for teaching and research.
The Minister discussed her Ministry’s vision for the evolution of Telemedicine in Guyana and the Texila officials confirmed that this is indeed one of their near-term objectives, i.e. to train medical personnel for this relatively new field of medicine in the developed world.  Minister Hughes expressed the hope that Guyana could achieve this goal in the foreseeable future for the benefit of citizens located away from administrative centers, especially in the Hinterland.
Not many trained medical personnel work in the interior, she explained, but soon the residents there will have access to the Internet.  This is the first component for Telemedicine.