Ministry of Public Health response to letter of misinformation in Kaieteur News

Their motives and untruths having been ruthlessly exposed and in the court of public opinion, having been thoroughly defeated in the Budget Debate, the PPP, their operatives and surrogates are busy attempting to spread misinformation to the nation on all platforms.

A letter on page 6 of today’s edition of Kaieteur News by one Zamal Hussain is noted. The letter states that “…the minister held two photographs to justify that the CT scan machine is in working order at the New Amsterdam Hospital.”

The letter is correct that Minister Lawrence did in fact display two photographs to the National Assembly during her budget presentation, however it was to confirm that the CT scanner was installed, not working which it is hoped that it will be shortly.

Specifically, Minister Lawrence said, “…neither did the member (Hon. Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo) inform this House that he was at the New Amsterdam Hospital and enquired what was going on in the space where the laboratory existed and Mr. Speaker, he witnessed, he witnessed the installation of the CT scan machine being done.”

The Ministry of Public Health calls on the PPP, their operatives and surrogates to conduct themselves in a decent and honest manner when seeking to provide information to the public. Further the Ministry calls on all media to fact-check the PPP and their operatives who from time to time may furnish information to media, whether via interviews, letters or otherwise.


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