More amputees to benefit from prostheses

Amputees are set to benefit from artificial limbs, as the Ministry of Health recently expended some $10 million to procure prosthesis materials, Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, said on Thursday.

Speaking at the amputee health fair held at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, Dr. Anthony said the ministry is looking at ways to reduce the cost of prosthetics, as it strives to restore mobile functionality in amputees.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony at the Limb Awareness fair

“Very shortly, we will have more materials coming in to the workshop, and therefore, they will be able to make more prosthesis. Through these types of activities, hopefully, we will be able to reduce the prevalence of persons that would’ve lost a limb and not been able to get maybe a prosthesis. So, we will change that because our intention is that everybody who needs a prosthesis should be able to get one, and should be able to get one in a timely manner.

“We are going to look at how we are going to bring down the cost and even if at some point maybe not right away, but I am hoping that at some point you don’t have to pay anything but we will work on it and that’s a commitment you have from us in the ministry,” the minister told the gathering.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony and amputee patient at Limb Awareness fair

Additionally, the health minister announced that persons who suffer from hearing loss would benefit from hearing aids under a similar programme offered by the workshop. To this end, the ministry has purchased a quantity of hearing aids to clear existing backlogs to adequately supply the needs of the institution.

The event is hosted by the workshop annually with the intent to spread awareness on programmes available to persons who would have suffered limb loss.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony at the Limb Awareness fair

Limb Awareness Month is being celebrated under the theme “Your ordinary is extraordinary”.

The amputee fair featured displays from the National Insurance Scheme, National Commission on Disability, lawyers, mental health officers, nutritionists, pharmacists, foot care doctors, social workers, and public assistance officers, among other groups.