More persons seeking accommodation at CDC shelters

Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig says there has been an increase in the number of displaced persons occupying the nine shelters across the country.

As of Monday, 232 flood-affected persons have been dwelling at the shelters.

CDC’s Director General, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig inspects preparations at a shelter

Lt Colonel Craig said the Commission plans to accommodate more persons affected by the prolonged wet season and above normal rainfall.

“That’s one of the reasons we requested additional cots from CDEMA and we’ve received the 500 and we’re expecting another 500 more from Barbados soon. Apart from that, we have all the other sleeping supplies available including pillows, pillow cases, blankets for persons who may be displaced as a result of the flooding. So, we have adequate supplies.”

At the shelter in the Hururu Forestry Compound, Region Ten, 17 persons sought accommodation on Monday, after their homes became inundated.

Graph showing the shelters and its occupants

Over at the Hururu Day Care Centre, two people left while 45 remained. One person left the Mapletown Aroaima shelter, leaving 36 persons behind.

Some 32 persons are at the Kwakwani Primary School, while seven are occupying the Secondary school in the village.

Some 30 persons are sheltering at the Barama Building in Karawab, Region Two, while 14 are being housed at the Rockstone Primary School. There are also four persons at the Tabatinga Sports Complex.

Supplies being loaded for shelters

In total, there are 127 women and 105 men at the shelters.

The CDC is continuing to prepare food hampers to ensure there is an adequate supply for all persons.

Meanwhile, five teams from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Monitoring Agency will be fanning out across Guyana tomorrow, to conduct a Detailed Disaster Sectoral Assessment on the flooding, which will reveal the losses and needs in the various sectors.