More teachers welcome President Ali announcement of salary, allowance adjustments

Teachers across Guyana continue to welcome President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s announcement of salary and allowance adjustments that will benefit over 4,000 teachers, especially graduates, effective December 1, 2023.

The increase is also slated to benefit teachers in rural areas through the Remote Areas Incentive (RAI) which will be adjusted upwards to $20,000 monthly, while teachers who hold a substantive appointment as Senior Master/Mistress will benefit from duty-free concessions.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) visited several schools in Regions Three and Four where many teachers expressed their contentment with the initiative.

Teacher, Denise Benjamin

Denise Benjamin said, “I think that’s wonderful it adds to what you already have and we have been waiting a long time to hear this so I am very pleased,” while noting that the RAI assistance for hinterland teachers is well deserved.

“Firstly, I was in the Hinterland for a few years and I can tell you the teachers there are going to be so happy because they don’t have the same experience as we do here living in Georgetown or close to the mainland. Things that we may pay $1000 for, they are paying double or more.  So, I am sure they are going to be happy for this,” she added.

Teacher Roxanne St.Hill

Another teacher, Roxanne St. Hill expressed her excitement for senior colleagues across Guyana. 

“I am happy for my colleagues those that are graduands. However, I just completed CPCE so I might not have the same benefits as them, but I am really happy,” St. Hill told DPI.

Orvin Russell, teacher at Windsor Forest Primary School

Orvin Russell, who has been in the teaching profession for seven years also commended the financial intervention.

“The announcement was met with some positive feedback from most of my colleagues at the school since most of them are senior teachers,” Russell said.

Teacher, Annalisa Persaud

Just in September, the government implemented the classroom grant initiative for teachers, where they are now being given a sum of money to help in the preparations of their classrooms. This was another intervention that was highly praised by the teachers.

President Ali also stated that more incentives for public workers will be announced soon, further adding to the government’s efforts to address salary discrepancies and increase disposable income.