Nabaclis residents benefit from dental outreach

The Ministry of Health has taken dental services to the people of Nabaclis and surrounding communities in an effort to cater to their dental needs.

Dental practitioners from the Cheddi Jagan Dental School on Saturday hosted an outreach at the CC Nicholson Hospital.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony interacts with a resident

Dental Surgeon, Dr Marvin Munis said that the outreach catered for 150 to 200 patients.

“The services that are being offered here today include some extractions, definitely fillings, lots of cleanings, examinations…And we are also offering sealants for the kids who are returning to school in September, that’s a preventative measure that we are taking. It helps to strengthen your teeth so it’s more resistant to cavities. Also, we are going to ensure that all the patients that we see here today are fluorinated which is a further preventative measure that we are taking to increase the strength of your teeth,” he related.

Dr. Munis noted that this is part of several outreaches planned for the East Coast. The last one was done at Victoria Village and the next outreach will be conducted at Anns Grove.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony and Doctor in Charge at the CC Nicholson Hospital, Dr Mareshah Yorrick

“We would like to thank the minister and the dental team for this outreach. So, we are grateful. I mean services are held in town and so forth but bringing it to the community, we feel great we feel remembered that we are having this here today,” said Tolisha Cully a community representative.

Doctor in Charge at the CC Nicholson Hospital, Dr Mareshah Yorrick also expressed gratitude for the initiative.

“We are very grateful to have had our dental team visit our institution. Generally, when we have patients that require any dental assessment or so, we will have to send them to town. So, this outreach here today is very much appreciated and I’m sure that the people from the community will benefit a lot,” she noted.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony who was present at the outreach, noted that these outreaches are being done to fill the gaps in dental services along the coast.

“So, far I think we have had an extremely good turnout. We have had more than a hundred persons who have been at this facility today. So, the team from the dental school, they are going to work to ensure that everybody who came out can get their tooth taken care of,” Dr Anthony said.

Nabacalis resident benefitting from dental outreach

He noted that the outreaches will continue and dentists will be placed at strategic locations, not only on the East Coast of Demerara but across the country.

“This is a programme that we want to really continue, not just on the East Coast but in different parts of Guyana. Just recently, we were able to put in a permanent dental area at the Mahaica Health Centre. So, now persons living from Cane Grove Mahaica, Unity those areas,they can now go to Mahaica and get dental work there,” the minister said.

There is a Dental Surgeon at the Golden Grove Dental Department who provides services daily, this department is located in the compound of President’s College. 

Dr. Anthony commended the dental school and the community for the collaboration that saw many residents benefitting from dental services.