National School of Dance “Studio to stage” set for Saturday and Sunday at NCC

(Georgetown, July 7, 2017) – The stage is set for another dance showcase hosted by the National School of Dance at the National Cultural Center this time the annual “Studio to Stage”.

Linda Griffith Director of the NSC said that those who flock to the Cultural Center need not worry about a shortage of dance presentations, styles and technique on Saturday and Sunday. “We have a presentation from students aged 3-9 years old and young adults showcasing modern dance, classical ballet, contemporary, ethnic dances, Caribbean and Guyanese styles,” Griffith said.

The pieces are focused on fantasy, social and topical issues and abstracts. “We are catering for every level of interest in dance expressions such as religious, storytelling and interpretive and fun themes for children also,” Griffith noted.

Studio to Stage is one of the major events put on by the National School of Dance to showcase techniques and choreography work done throughout the year. It’s done for academic grading of participants while exposing them to performing in a theatre setting.

Studio to Stage has been an annual event dating back to 1974. All told there will be about 22 new items presented by students from 16 classes. Tickets are available at the NCC.

(Mondale Smith)