New Amsterdam to be an engine of growth – President Granger


DPI, Guyana, Monday, January 27, 2020

His Excellency, President David Granger announced that over the next decade, there will be continued development in Guyana’s oldest town, New Amsterdam, Region 6. The Head of State said the once-neglected town will become an engine of growth in the region.

The President was at the time addressing a massive crowd at a Coalition rally in New Amsterdam on Monday.

He disclosed that plans to transform New Amsterdam’s economy and the entire East Berbice Corentyne Region forms part of the Decade of Development (2020-2029) which was laid out by the Coalition Administration. The plan, he added will encompass growth in every sector and will benefit all Guyanese regardless of their religious background, race or political preference.

“This region is too important to Guyana, it’s too important to the Caribbean to put it back into the hands to the people who neglected you. This is the only region in Guyana with three towns. This region is bigger than Belgium and it is important to us.”

The President assured that the necessary measure will be implemented to ensure every child has access to education from nursery to tertiary. It is for this reason he noted, the Five-Bs programme was rolled out and Region 6 was one of the first areas to benefit from Boats, Buses and Bicycles – free transportation for students – as well as free Books and Breakfast.  This initiative saw a marked improvement in attendance, punctuality which in turn positively impacted academic performance

President Granger also outlined that the East Berbice-Corentyne region will be transformed into a commercial hub with the development of a modern waterfront and a deep-water port. Manufacturing centres will also be developed and cottage industries advanced.

The ongoing provision of decent housing, proper roads, reliable delivery of electricity and water will be continued and made available to all citizens. Further, plans are on stream to boost the tourism sector in New Amsterdam that boasts over 30 heritage sites,

However, President Granger underscored that these developments can only be achieved if the people elect leaders at the Regional Democratic Council level that have their interest at heart.

“This is an important region that can be developed if you have an RDC which is committed to development…the PPP used Region 6…The PPP is not about serious leadership, they are in the worse leadership crisis in the history of the party,” the president stressed

He urged the residents to use March 02, 2020, to remove those who neglected them for 23 years.


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