New tourism products being developed in Region Nine

The government, through the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), is working to develop two brand-new tourism experiences in Region Nine as part of the objective of transforming Guyana into a premier tourism destination.

The first tourism experience is related to pottery in the village of Toka in the North Rupununi district.

To achieve this, the authority has recently facilitated a level two pottery training exercise with several of the villagers. During the training, the participants learned about the different types of clay.  

A few women from Toka village undergoing the pottery training

With this training which was led by Margarete Cornette, the participants will be able to transfer their knowledge to visitors.

According to GTA, this experience will be a first of its kind for the village, and it will also add to the diversification of tourism experiences in the country.

Horseback riding being in Shulinab

This specific experience will bring much authenticity to the sector and will allow visitors to create memorable experiences.

Additionally, the authority has been working to develop a comprehensive tour package in the village of Shulinab, South Central Rupununi.

This package is being developed through collaboration with Visit Rupununi and Kamadi Adventures, two private tour operators in the area.

This new experience is geared at attracting persons interested in rustic experiences while at the same time learning about what the village has to offer.

It includes horseback riding, hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting among other activities.

During the past months, GTA has been assessing several villages and working with the residents to unlock the areas’ potential in order to develop more tourism products.

The authority has been doing this through a ‘village circuit’ initiative which was implemented to develop what the region has to offer into unique experiences.

A new product development grant of up to $1 million was also launched back in July. This grant is to help cushion the expenses and give local operators the opportunity to help strengthen and expand the tourism sector.