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DPI, Guyana, Friday, December 28, 2018

How to split one’s salary between paying bills, investing, saving and having enough money until the next paycheck, is something many of us struggle with.

Small business owner Athalyah Yisrael of Outliers Zone has a solution and she says the idea resulted from being $400,000 in debt from another business venture which she managed.

Athalyah Yisrael, owner of Outliers Zone with one of the customized piggy banks.

Yisrael explained that after her husband refused to help her repay that debt, she came up with a solution that not only helped her repay her debt but also helped close friends and relatives.

Athalyah recalled one day telling herself, “Athalyah as you get your money, you save, you spend some, you donate and you invest. This allowed me to pay off that $400,000 debt and after it worked for me, I began helping some of my other friends who were living paycheck to paycheck and they got great results as well. That is when I decided to establish another company that would teach employees how to double their income using this method.”

Training to become financially stable and build on that finance, is available for both adults and children from the nursery level. However, before the class begins, a test is given to see the financial stability of the individual. Located at Lot Three David Rose Street South Ruimveldt, the company offers a variety of different packages. These include classes for individuals, groups and even corporations. The packages start at $10,000 which includes a customized piggy bank and a one-day training session that is guaranteed to have a significant impact.

With the New Year coming soon, this is the ideal investment to begin managing your hard-earned money. “If you are ready to end financial struggles for yourself and your family then call us on 623-4386 or WhatsApp us and let us know that you are ready to make that start.” Yisrael can also be reached on Facebook at Outliers Zone or you can send an email at

Isaiah Braithwaite.

Image: Anil Seelall.


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