Opposition’s Linden discrimination claim untrue- every Gov’t action proves contrary – President at re-opening of Freedom House in Linden

Georgetown, GINA, January 25, 2014


President Donald Ramotar today spoke out against the  country’s opposition parties over the increasing use of their ‘stronghold’ in Linden to seek to racially divide the region and rally their supporters in actions contrary to the development of the region.

President Donald Ramotar greets supporters on arrival at Freedom House in Linden

Speaking at the re-commissioning of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) headquarters (Freedom House) which was destroyed by arsonists in July, 2012, President Ramotar noted that “the opposition has nothing to offer and they have never offered anything.”

“They believe that the best part of their existence is to destroy and divide, and that is why their only platform is to talk about race and racism, but they have not been able to point to a single policy, to a single action of this government, that talks about race.”

President Donald Ramotar with Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Juan Edghill and PPPC MP Neil Kumar at the re-commissioning of Freedom House in Linden

President Ramotar told the gathering, which included Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minister of Housing Irfaan Ali, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Juan Edghill and other PPP/C supporters in the region, that in spite of the opposition talks of the PPPC Government’s discrimination against the region that every action of the Government since it took office speaks to the contrary.

He noted that the government took every effort to save bauxite in region in a time when bauxite mining was being closed down all over the world, moreover it sought to train many of those employed in the industry in the use of Information Technology to make them employable.

The newly refurbished PPPC headquarters (Freedom House) in Linden.

He pointed out that the PNC Government and APNU can point to no such programme that they have ever done for the region, or for anyone in society, “and that is why the hate history and they do not want to hear about history,” he said.

He noted that persons, who claim to have the interest of the people of Region Ten at heart, are doing much damage when they rally in support of blocking roads and bridges, noting that such action results in significant impediment to the region’s development. He cited plant to develop a deep water port that would use a harbour between Brazil and Guyana and generate income for the region as one such example.

PPPC supporters at the re-commissioning of the party’s headquarter in Linden

The President posited that perhaps because of the Government taking development to the region, the opposition chooses to advocate in support of burning and destroying. “We build we don’t burn,” the President said. “We are builders, we will always be builders, our whole orientation is to be builders and we are proud of our efforts, we are proud of the record we have,” he said.

The Head of State lauded the PPP supporters for coming in their numbers to the event, in spite of the threats from the Opposition and its supporters to shut down Linden. He noted that PPPC supporters have always had to feel the brunt of abuse in an opposition stronghold. “I know of the constant harassment and the fear that they try to drive in you for supporting and being members of the PPP, but we will win more and more over to our side… we are here to build our country and to build every part of our country, and we will build it, this is a pledge to you as long as I am President,” he said.

“There was a very public pronouncement that said that this event would not happen, this event would not be allowed to happen, but it is good that you have come out…we believe that there should be competition in political activity, that in every place of Guyana, each party should be allowed to freely advocate its programmes and its views of the world and where Guyana can reach. “Every party must be free to do this in every part of Guyana, that is our belief, and that is why we persisted along here, and I think that this is going to be a very historic moment for Linden, and for Region 10 and for the People’s Progressive Party Civic, so I want to join in commending all of you who have braved the threats and have come out here this evening,” said Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. He too, told of the obstacles he faced when he joined the PPP in the 1990s.




Prime Minister Hinds also addressed the issue of the agreements between Government and the Region Ten administration, following the unrest in the region in 2012, over Government’s plan to increase electricity tariff. He noted that “the agreements have not been barren, but the agreements have not moved forward just because of us, the chairmen have to be agreed by both parties,” he said.

President Donald Ramotar makes remark on the event of the re-commissioning of the Freedom House in Linden

“If they really want to make a case that we are the humbug, then accept our proposals for the chairmen, we are not quarrelling, we have essentially allowed having to live by the agreement, continuing to meet all that is required for electricity in Linden,” he said.

“I know this is a difficult thing to have people accept an idea of a transformation that seems to bring them more cost, but I can tell of my own experience here that you are better off when you are standing on your own feet and paddle your own canoe.”

President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Juan Edghill re-commission the PPP headquarter in Linden

He pointed out that APNU, prior to the unrest, agreed to the tariff increase before yielding to the demands of its people. “We can understand that leaders cannot be too far from their people, but leaders have to lead too, if not the people will be left in the past,” he said.

Minister Edghill also saluted the supporters for coming out in their numbers and defying the odds, and the local leadership for working to execute the project. He said that the task before them now remains the rebuilding of a powerful network for the PPPC, “where political activism is the order of the day” and as well continued unity of the people, including those who at present do not see the ideals embraced by the party.

President Donald Ramotar tours the refurbished Freedom House in Linden


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