Over 17 exhibitors to participate in Co-operatives Market Day on July 1

To commemorate International Day of Co-operatives this year, the Ministry of Labour will be hosting a Co-Operatives Market Day on July 1, where over 17 exhibitors from Regions Two, Three, Four, Six, and Ten are expected to participate to showcase their products and services.

This initiative aligns with government’s efforts to find ready-markets for produce countrywide.

Ministry of Labour’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Neola Damon

This year, International Day of Co-operatives is being observed under the theme ‘Building a sustainable future.’

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Wednesday, the ministry’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Neola Damon emphasised the importance of the highly anticipated event, which will help to boost and support all the local entrepreneurs through the Co-op Department.  

“Last year, we had the exhibitors come out from the different cooperative societies and they just showcased their products. This year, we are trying something a bit different. We are not only allowing them to showcase what they have, but allowing persons to purchase these products. These will be available at a low cost,” she related.

The public is invited to support the initiative, where they will get access to organic and affordable produce and other goods including vegetables, fruits, plantain, eggs, fish, beef, among other commodities.

Representatives from the Agriculture Innovative and Entrepreneurship Programme (AIEP) and the Cut Rose Project will also be at the event.

Consumers purchasing commodities from vendors

The concept of co-operatives refers to shared ownership and management, where the rewards and profits are distributed. This also entails a dedication to success and a willingness to cooperate with others to find solutions to problems when they arise.

The market day will be held at the ministry on Brickdam this Saturday from 8:00am, and will continue throughout the day.  

The event was held at the Umana Yana last year.