Over 2,000 persons treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital

Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, says over 2,000 persons were treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital since it became operational a year ago.

Speaking at the hospital’s one-year anniversary Wednesday, Dr. Anthony shared that some 2,336 patients were hospitalised at the facility with COVID-19, of which 2,001 have recovered.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, the Infectious Diseases Hospital’s anniversary event

“Unfortunately, we’ve had in our ICU 281 persons died, that amounts to 55.4 per cent of the persons who were in our ICU. And the total number of deaths we’ve had so far are 335 persons. Which accounts for about 14 per cent of the people who came to the facility.”

Ninety-nine per cent of persons admitted to the facility were unvaccinated and had underlying health conditions, the health minister noted.

“The persons who came here had comorbidities, meaning that they had an underlying disease such as diabetes, hypertension, in some cases they were persons who came here who had more than one different illness. And so, to begin with they were very complicated and what made matters worse for them was COVID-19.”   

Minister Anthony also noted that there are currently no children at the hospital. While there were some admissions in the past, he noted that they have recovered.

“When I look at the numbers, we have had from march 11th to now a little bit less than 4000 or so persons under the ages of 18 who would’ve been infected with the covid. It doesn’t matter your age you can get covid.”

Meanwhile, the health minister is again urging persons to adhere to all safety measures and to get vaccinated to reduce the spread of the Delta variant here.

“A part from droplets this virus is spread by aerosols which means that it can remain suspended in the air if you are in a room that is unventilated it can remain suspended there for a period of time.

“So, we have to be absolutely careful of the environments of which we are going into because we can get infected. With a Delta surge, we all would have to take precautions, which is keeping your distance, wearing masks, sanitising and the only other safe and effective method is really using a vaccine.”

He said persons who were affected by Covid could still have manifestations of the virus after recovering. To this end, Dr. Anthony said the Ministry will be establishing a long-Covid unit soon.