Parents welcome adolescents’ vaccination drive

Parents on Monday accompanied their children to the Lodge Secondary School, where the Government’s Adolescents’ COVID-19 vaccination campaign continued.

The vaccination drive was welcomed by parents, who said they were happy with the initiative as their children will be in safer environment for their return to the classroom.

Parent, Theresa Pemberton

Theresa Pemberton is encouraging other parents to allow their children to be vaccinated.

“I’m very much happy that we have started vaccinating our children because not only saving their lives and stuff like that which is important, but to get them back in the school room situation because the virtual thing is not working with some of them.”

She said the reopening of school, even on a rotational basis will be beneficial to the students, as they would be able to learn better in a classroom.

Student of Lodge Secondary taking the Pfizer jab

“It can’t be the regular school system where everybody goes at one time, they will have to rotate it somehow or the other so that the children can be safe because you know schools were already overcrowded so some system will have to be worked out somehow… but I’m glad for the reopening of schools.

“I just hope the other parents will, even those who haven’t been vaccinated see the importance of being vaccinated, vaccines save lives and if they’re being reasonable and sensible, they will look back at when the children were born you had to vaccinate them so they need to come out, have your children vaccinated and vaccine yourself, take care of your family if you love them,” Ms. Pemberton told DPI.

Meanwhile, Dawn Craigen another parent, believes the vaccination drive is good initiative.

Parent, Dawn Craigen speaking with DPI

“I think vaccination is a good thing for the simple reason that COVID-19 has been on a rise and seeing that we have a vaccination that at least can monitor it to a bit, it’s a good thing,” she said.

Ms. Craigen noted that it is important that schools be reopened since it would help children to learn better.

“I think it’s a very good idea to reopen but we have to make special arrangements and take the necessary precautions that we ought to take. I would encourage all parents to bring their children out to take the vaccination… and two, the parents must also be vaccinated we cannot put ignorance in front, we got to face reality and do what is right for ourselves and our kids,” Ms. Craigen added.

Students waiting to be inoculated

The adolescents’ vaccination drive has been taken to schools across the country in order to get students immunised against COVID-19, so that they can return to the classrooms in a safer manner.