Phase 3 of Guyana’s re-opening commences tomorrow

—curfew now from 8pm to 6am (except in specifically excluded areas)

—public sector to resume work on rotation

—outdoor dining permitted (6am to 6pm)

The National COVID-19 Task Force has announced that Phase 3 of Guyana’s re-opening process will commence as scheduled, Saturday, July 18th and shall continue until July 31st, 2020.

In Phase 3, the following measures will apply (the full measures are outlined in the attached Order No. 6 – COVID-19 Emergency Measures):

  1. The national curfew shall now be from 8pm to 6am.
  • The curfew shall not apply in Regions 5 and 6 on Mondays to Fridays but shall be in effect on Saturdays and Sundays in these two regions. The curfew will be in effect for ALL other regions every day of the week.
  • The curfew in the Aranka/Arangoy/Moruca areas shall remain in effect from 6pm to 6am daily and continue until August 3rd, 2020. (The specific coordinates are listed in Order No. 6)
  • No more than 10 persons are allowed to gather at any place.
  • The public sector will resume work on a rotation basis unless otherwise instructed by their respective Minister or Head of Agency.
  • Food services and restaurants are permitted to be open for delivery, drive-thru, curb-side pick up and take away service from 6am to midnight daily.
  • Outdoor dining at restaurants will be permitted from 6am to 6pm under strict conditions outlined in paragraph 6 (3 c and d) of Order No. 6.
  • Public transportation services (except in Aranka, Arangoy and Moruca) are permitted to operate at a 75% passenger capacity.
  • Private sector construction is permitted to resume.
  1. Clothing, shoes and book stores are permitted to resume operations.
  1. All persons are REQUIRED to wear a face mask in public at all times.

Guyanese are encouraged to continue to adhere to the guidelines set out.  They should practice proper hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly and frequently, practice social distancing and desist from social gatherings, and wear a mask when in public.

See the full gazetted order below.