PPP/C created more employment opportunities, development in Linden since taking office than coalition did in its entire tenure – General Secretary

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has highlighted the transformation taking place in Region Ten under the diligent stewardship of the PPP/C, a fact the APNU is trying to hide.

Dr Jagdeo during his weekly press conference hosted at Freedom House on Thursday dispelled the opposition claims of discrimination against Lindeners.

“We established an incubator for small business, we did the road to West Watooka, we established a small loan scheme, the PNC people who took over the management of the scheme they ran it down, that was our track record, we built the hospital there, several secondary schools, almost all the roads,” the general secretary reminded.

He also noted the opportunities that have been created for the people of Linden.

“Since this government has taken office more people in Linden are employed, working now, the fact that they try to sabotage at least 1,200 of them through the part time programme and several others through other initiatives. The number of roads done in Linden has not just tripled, maybe quadrupled, over the period in office and in just a short time, a whole range of other plans for job creation,” he pointed out.

As it relates to housing development, the PPP GS called out the opposition for its poor track record.

 “A thousand houses. How many did they build? Not one. How many house lots did they give out? Maybe to a few people only APNU big wigs,” he said.

The attacks from the opposition, Dr. Jagdeo said is due to its failure to fulfill promises made to the region.

“They mobilised young people in Linden, lied to them that they are going to get jobs and things are going to change in Linden when the coalition took office, they disappeared, in the five years and left people, all the young people and everyone, leave them high and dry, nothing, in fact they lost jobs and there was very little money circulating in the area, that’s their track record of misleading the people of Region 10 particularly Linden,” he added.

Just a few days ago, some 55 landowners of Linden benefitted from the government’s cement and steel subsidy to fast track the construction of their homes.

Another 60 also got the opportunity to identify their houselots at Amelia’s Ward.

Further, the general secretary noted that another area has already been identified for the building of 1,000 homes in the region, following the discovery of significant bauxite reserve in the previously identified area, Millie’s Hideout.

Development is also taking place in sports, infrastructure, education, among other sectors in Region Ten.