PPP makes lower East Coast epicenter of intense voter fraud- Harmon

−calls on GECOM to move swiftly on investigations

DPI, GUYANA, Thursday, June 4, 2020

The ongoing national vote recount of the March 2 elections has proven that the People’s Progressive Party has increased its attempts at electoral fraud on the lower East Coast.

This is according to Former Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency and Campaign Manager and Election Agent for the APNU-AFC Joseph Harmon during a live appearance on the party’s Facebook page this evening.

A stronghold of the political opposition, Harmon said the PPP has intensified its fraud in villages such as Chateau Margot, Montrose, and Ogle, among other areas.

With over 300 ballot boxes to review, the focus on the Region Four ballot boxes began this morning, following the completion of the other nine regions. Harmon said the things unearthed this today were unbelievable.

“What was emerging was a clear pattern of intense voter fraud uncovered on the lower East Coast. During the hours of the morning alone, it was discovered all the boxes contained were just ballots, none of the statutorily required documents could be found in the boxes. There were at least six boxes for the morning,” Harmon started.

He continued, “Counterfoils missing, nothing could be found. What this meant that there is no way of verifying that the ballots that were issued there were for the respective stations where they were cast. Consequently, any of the votes counted from these boxes are put to question.”

For the morning alone, over 1,500 votes were affected. And almost all the boxes processed during the afternoon had the same problems, he reported.

By lunchtime today, and well into the afternoon hours, the count of the discrepancies continued to rise at an alarming rate he said.

Harmon expects that the same issues will be unearthed as the recount continues on Friday.

“This is clear evidence that the PPP in their rigging machinery, have chosen specifically the lower East Coast to carry out a massive fraud of the electoral process. These blatant acts of transgression, these blatant acts of voter fraud will not go unchallenged.”

He has therefore called on GECOM to act swiftly.

“I am asking GECOM to address these matters with urgency. We will not sit idly by and see this pattern of rigging of voter fraud and sit down. The PPP has done a number on the East Coast. We are not going to sit down and allow this to continue.”

He said the opposition “has done a massive job on the electoral process of Guyana” and has been doing so for over 23 years.

‘They have become accustomed to doing this. Now you have a recount all of the genies are coming out of the bottle. GECOM has to act and act fast.”


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