President is open to independent investigation into Colwyn Harding issue

Georgetown, GINA, January 24, 2014


Head of State President Donald Ramotar today observed that independent investigations into issues often prove that alleged claims are not true, and indicated his willingness to the press corps that he was willing to support any other kind of investigation into the Colwyn Harding issue.

Harding has claimed that he was allegedly sexually assaulted by a member or members of the Guyana Police Force while in custody at the Timehri Police Station. The incident was alleged to have taken place sometime between November 15 -18, 2013 when the 23- year old was taken into custody at the Timehri Police Station, pending investigations into a report of break and enter and larceny. Harding was remanded to prison on November 19, after an initial appearance the previous day.

During today’s Press Conference hosted by the President, he was asked whether he would support an independent inquiry into the allegation. “I will be ready for that. I think that the reporting on that has been so irresponsible, it is amazing. This government is against any kind of torture, but at the same time I don’t think you hang people even before they have a trial,” the President said.  He was referring to the stand taken by some that those implicated are guilty before the allegation has been proven.

He further indicated that  “a lot of what is taking place is not being based on looking at the facts or waiting on the results of investigations, but they are just wild or probably trying to instigate a lot of negative things in our society, so yes I would be ready for any kind of investigation.”

President Ramotar pointed out that “this is becoming a pattern in our country by some people, by some media as well. Look at Linden, what took place and how much damage it caused, misinformation and misrepresentation, and when the report came out it was totally contrary to what was being reported and taken as facts and truth within the system.”

He said that there seems to be some kind of agenda to instigate these things, “because clearly when there are independent inquiries into these things, they all come out to be not true and as soon as this is seen, there is a switching of position… I have my own views, but I think there is a definite agenda to instigate things in our society.”

Subsequent to Harding’s allegations, Minister of Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran told the National Assembly recently, that reports from the Georgetown Public Hospital indicated that Harding was being treated for “incarcerated hernia” and subsequent complications.


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