Prime Minister empathizes with flash flood hit citizens – says HydroMet Service lack of forewarning is unsatisfactory


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, on behalf of the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana today empathized with citizens in some parts of Georgetown and coastland Guyana who have been affected by flash flooding after an unusually heavy deluge starting early this morning and lasting for several hours.

“Many persons are affected at this time just before Christmas and I ask residents to remain patient and cooperative with the authorities so that relief can be had as quickly as possible even as the water recedes slower than usual given the large volume of water which has accumulated and compounded by the nip tide,” Prime Minister Nagamootoo said.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo has been briefed on the situation and has commended the work of Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson who has visited several sluices, pumping sites with teams of technical experts to assess the situation and take remedial action.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo also commended the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority for the works done over the past year and a half to ensure minimal flooding during and after periods of heavy rainfall.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo noted that there were no significant incidence of flooding in Georgetown or the coastland over the past year until today.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo however described as “unsatisfactory” the Hydrometer0logical Service is not yet able to adequately provide accurate forecasts to forewarn citizens of the likelihood and possibility of flooding.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo further stated that the HydroMet Service’s forecast of “scattered showers” last evening and “occasional showers” early this morning were misleading and left citizens without accurate information allowing them to take the necessary precautions and allowing agencies to act pre-emptively.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo recalled that this situation of the HydroMet Office not forewarning citizens of flooding has existed for several years and most recently there were episodes in December 2014 and June 2015.

“Floods cause economic dislocation, damage and losses and the HydroMet Office cannot afford to be casual about these matters,” Prime Minister Nagamootoo stated.