Ptolemy Reid hosts spelling competition

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 6, 2018

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre hosted a spelling competition on Wednesday for students with physical and developmental disabilities.

The event was hosted by well-known radio personality, Ron Robinson. The students were divided into three groups based on their capabilities: Group One included students capable of speech who spelt the words aloud; Group Two comprised deaf-mutes who wrote the words as pictures were held aloft, and Group Three students with cerebral palsy matched the words with pictures.

According to Head of the Vocational Training Unit, Rajdaie Ali, the most difficult words were photosynthesis and evacuation. “This competition will help them a lot; by motivating and make them feel loved in order to move ahead.”

Hyacinth Massay, Rehabilitation Officer and Coordinator of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, said the competition is part of the centre’s mission to have the students involved in activities beneficial to them.

Winners of the competition were Tameika Octave with 12 points from Group Two, followed by Tichina Whyte and Jilleshia Deolall with 11 points both from Group One.

Prizes were donated by Edward Murray, a retired magistrate from England who has been making donations to the centre for over 10 years.

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre (PRRC) is a non-profit organisation providing rehabilitation services for children with physical/developmental disabilities, amputees and persons with hearing impairment. The facility has been in existence for over 50 years and welcome donors who wish to make a contribution to the institution.

The centre celebrated its 50th Anniversary on 19 January, 2017 where His Excellency, David Granger noted: “It is my view that the Centre embodies the spirit and desire to prove that Guyanese, if they are given equal opportunity, could not only make a better nation but we could have better households, better families and better lives for all of our citizens.”

By: Kimberley Ferreira.