Public Health Ministry monitoring Regions Seven, Eight for water borne disease cases

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Deputy Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Major Kester Craig, in providing an update on the health situation in Regions Seven and Eight which are severely affected by flooding, said there are no reported outbreaks.

Residents of Region Eight, moving to safer ground, evacuating their homelands which have been severely affected.

Craig today, noted however, that there were a few cases of diarrhoea, but these were quickly contained by doctors deployed by the Ministry of Public Health Ministry.

A team from that ministry had been deployed to Kaibarupai and Waipa upon becoming aware of the flooding there. This team provided medical assistance to those residents affected by flood waters in and around these areas.

Another team is expected to be deployed over the next few days, providing medical supplies and assistance to other flood affected areas.

Other areas affected by flooding include Chenapau, Itabac, Kanapang, Kopinang and Sand Hill Settlement in Region Eight and Kako,

Kamarang, Jawalla, Imbaimadai, Philippai, Amokokopi, Quebenang and Paruima among other areas in Region Seven.


By: Delicia Haynes