Region Eight residents urged to work together at flag raising event

Residents of Region Eight have been urged to be more cohesive and contribute to the country’s development as one people.

Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai made the call at a flag raising event held in the Mahdia Township, Thursday morning in observance of Guyana’s 53rd Republic Anniversary.

Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai delivering remarks

While delivering remarks, she noted that this is one of the main challenges the region is faced with.

“I believe that this is something that we have to work on, it is very noticeable. It is very evident that Region Eight, sub-district two needs more work as it relates to cohesiveness as a people.“I believe that this is a pledge and a commitment that we’re going to work harder in this region to ensure that the population of Region Eight believe in themselves, believe in the patriotism as an individual and as a region,” Minister Sukhai expressed.

Speaking on Guyana’s republic anniversary, she encouraged everyone in Region Eight to reassess their involvement in the development that is taking place.

“Reassess the position you want your region to advance towards, to reassess also where you would like the future of Region Eight to be,” Minister Sukhai highlighted.

Members of the joint services who took part in the flag raising ceremony, early Thursday

Residents were reminded of Guyana’s strategic transition on the world stage, and they were encouraged to take part in this historic development.

“We are the strength, the roots and we are the ones that will stand the transition and our country in about a decade or even before a decade is also going to be different than what we know it to be and it will require all of our people to join in this change, to join in supporting the modernisation of our country and to be the resource that will set our stage in all of what is occurring,” the minister stated.

The Amerindian Affairs Minister disclosed that the government is strategically aligning Guyana’s economy to be sustainable, and this is founded on several pillars including food security, and development of the oil and gas industry while transitioning to renewable energy.

With the leadership of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, Minister Sukhai said the government is working aggressively to deliver world-class health care to the people of Guyana.

Some of the Mahdia residents who attended the flag raising event

In addition, it was highlighted that investment in the country’s human resources is paramount as they will move Guyana where it needs to be.

“On this note, I want to encourage all of us, old and young to retool ourselves in every way possible, the opportunity is now available. Do not let the opportunity pass you by without making the effort to include yourselves, the minister added.