Region Seven’s budgetary allocation approved -much focus to be placed on roads

GINA, GUYANA, Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Committee of Supply approved a total of $2.3B for Cuyuni/Mazaruni, Region Seven today, during consideration of the 2017 estimates in the National Assembly.

The capital expenditure for the Region is as follows:

  • Regional administration – $233.3M. This allocation is to be used for:
  • Hosting of a round of Regional Democratic Council meetings in the Upper Mazaruni

    Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Dawn Hastings- Williams

  • Maintenance of stores and other administrative buildings in Bartica
  • Maintenance of Amerindian hostels in Bartica and Kamarang
  • Maintenance of Imbaimadai, Paruima guest houses
  • Capacity building of local contractors to benefit from tenders
  • Provision of fuel to assist indigenous villages to conduct their business and
  • Furniture and equipment for the Kamarang administrative building
  • Public works – $189.291 This allocation will be utilised for:

– Maintenance of Kamarang to Waramadong farm to market access road

– Maintenance of roads around Bartica

– Maintenance of Agatash road

-Maintenance of Mora Point, Kalkun road

– Maintenance of road from Bamford point

-Maintenance of Kako/Waramadong farm to market road

– Maintenance of bridges along the Kamarang to Waramadong road

– Maintenance of Wax Creek bridge

– Maintenance of landing, Batavia

– Upgrading Agatash main access road and

– Construction of revetment at Agatash, Bartica

  • Education delivery – $1.311 This will be used for:
  • Maintenance of solar systems in schools, teachers’ living quarters in Upper Mazaruni and Bartica
  • Maintenance and landscaping of schools in Bartica
  • Repairs to trestle at Jawalla Primary School
  • Dietary programmes for Bartica Secondary and Three Miles Secondary dormitory along with the Waramadong Secondary
  • Rehabilitation of Paruima Primary School
  • Extension of Chenoweng Primary School
  • Construction of sanitary block at Two Miles and Jawalla Nursery Schools
  • Completion of Karrau Primary School
  • Health services – $606.898M
  • Rehabilitation of doctor and surgeon’s quarters, Bartica
  • Rehabilitation of Bartica hospital
  • Service works for the Four Miles Health Centre
  • Rehabilitation works on Kangaruma, Middle Mazaruni Health Centre and
  • Itaballi, Karrau, Batavia, Agatash and Paruima health centre.

Meanwhile Opposition MP, Nigel Dharamlall questioned Minister in the Ministry of Communities Dawn Hastings-Williams about the projects that would be done  under the various headings.  Dharamlall repeatedly asked whether regional contractors are used for projects. Hastings- Williams responded ‘wherever possible’. She noted that the government is working to build capacity of local contractors to increase their credibility to bid.

Dharamlall also asked whether indigenous people and products are used. Hastings-Williams repeated that they do when available. She added that indigenous people are encouraged to sell their products.


By: Tiffny Rhodius