Regional officials, foreigners headline Berbice mash festivities

Several regional officials and foreigners headlined the highly-anticipated Mashramani Costume and Float Parade, which got underway with a bang on Sunday in East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six). 

Leading the Regional Democratic Council’s float were Regional Chairman, David Armogan and Regional Executive Officer (REO), Narindra Persaud, who both expressed excitement to participate in the road fete after some two years of hiatus due to COVID-19.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan

Armogan told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the Mashramani parade is something that Berbicians always look forward to every year and that is evident in the faces of the onlookers.

“It means a lot for Berbicians, we are propagating one people, one nation and so this is good because if you notice all kinds of people are out. It doesn’t matter ethnicity, and so it is very good for unity,” the chairman posited.

REO Persaud said this is the largest street fete the ancient county has seen in several years, noting that some 15 bands participated, including government ministries and the Guyana Police Service (GPS).

Regional Executive Officer, Narindra Persaud

“This demonstrates exactly what our president wants for us, to mix as one Guyana. We are having fun,” Persaud exclaimed, as he raised his flag to the sky.

DPI also caught up with New Amsterdam Mayor, Her Worship Winifred Heywood who said she is happy with the huge turnout. 

Meanwhile, a number of persons visiting Guyana from overseas also travelled to Berbice to partake in the festivities.

Julie Bobb from Florida, USA is thankful to be among her Guyanese folk, specifically to celebrate the costume parade.

Julie Bobb

“It is a good thing that we can come out and celebrate Mashramani after almost three years of the pandemic, most people were locked up, many people died and many were sick, so it is a good thing that we can come and celebrate,” Bobb said.

Ian Brother is visiting Guyana for the first time

Also visiting Guyana for the first time, Ian Brother said, “it is very exciting to see the carnival, I am visiting with my wife… today is fantastic and beautiful.”

Dorothy (only name given)

Similarly, Dorothy (only name given) said “I am loving this. This is my first time coming back since, and I am loving all the colours , everyone is vibing nice.”

US-based Guyanese, Will Branch said he does not regret enduring the almost two-hour journey to the region, explaining that it is his first time in New Amsterdam. Branch commended the festivities saying that it matches international standard.  

Will Branch

Meanwhile, the Mashramani was a sight to behold with hundreds of revelers all pumped up for the road tramp, attired in their costumes.

Earlier, participants assembled at Tacoma Turn in the vicinity of Islington, before the action began. The traditional route saw the crowd parading through Stanleytown and continuing east down the main street of New Amsterdam before the fun culminates at Stelling Road.

This year’s Mashramani was celebrated across Guyana under theme, “Mixing and Mashing as One Guyana.”