Renovation project in Kwakwani providing jobs

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, January 18, 2020

The community of Kwakwani, Region 10 now boasts a brand-new State House and Management Centre, following extensive renovations costing millions.

According to Colvin Heath-London, CEO of National Industrial & Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL) and custodian of the properties, a decision was taken to return the buildings to their “former glory”.  He noted that preserving the unique architecture of the buildings could serve a tourist attraction.

The overhaul projects also opened up avenues for jobs to be created. For the renovations, only local workers were employed, while full-time staff to manage the buildings will be sought from Kwakwani also.

“… these works were done internally by utilising local content. We employed local artisans, we have insisted that local people carry out these jobs, so that the monies being spent, can stay in the community. The jobs were supervised by the engineers but to ensure the monies stay in the community, all other persons were employed from right here,” Heath-London explained.

Residents welcomed the rehabilitation projects that utilised local content in the community. One of these is young Royston Downer, who noted that the Management Centre is now a place where youths can be engaged in constructive activities.

“I like that you can play the tennis there, it is more activities for the youths in the community, since there wasn’t much, youths can gravitate to activities that are constructive, rather than to lime and do things that can make them delinquent,” he said.

In Linden, the renovation of the Watooka Guest House which was also recently completed by NICIL has significantly boosted the hospitality sector.