Residents of Mahdia pleased with road works

DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Residents of Mahdia and surrounding communities are pleased that the government has taken the initiative to repair the municipality’s main thoroughfare.

Approximately $720M was allotted in the 2016 National Budget for works on the Mahdia roads. The funds have been rolled over for completion of the project in 2017. The works are 50 percent completed.

Works being carried out on the roads in the community of Mahdia.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) was in the Mahdia community recently and spoke with residents about the road improvements.

Feroze Khan said that the development of the roads is good as the community prepares for township, while Mederick Charles noted that “I feel great about the roads, it shows that we are moving to the next level.

Orin Hamilton and Simon Hussain shared the view that “good roads” will reduce maintenance cost on their vehicles. Andrew Bodhram a driver that transports produce from Mahdia to the “backdam” said that this has become easier for him.

Regional Executive Officer (REO), Gavin Gounga, said “I think that it moving in a good direction, people are happy that we having permanent roads which will enhance the economic activity in the community”.

Ivan Pio, Toshao for Campbelltown Village said, “this is the first time I am seeing this type of development in the community, we have not seeing this type of development under the previous administration”.

The historic 8000 feet fully concrete stretch of road is running through the community.  Civil Engineer attached to the project, Wendell St. Pierre noted the health benefits that will be derived from the new road. Pierre explained that Laterite when dry produces dust that is bad for health. He noted that with the high-quality concrete road “the residents would not see any of it”. Importantly, Pierre said that the road will lessen maintenance cost for the Government of Guyana and the Ministry of Public infrastructure. He said that the quality roads will be able to withstand any weight of cargo coming into the community of Mahdia.

The Civil Engineer told DPI that the works on the road have been divided into three lots; Lot Three, Four and C, and are carried out by three contractors. He explained that the Lots are 76, 36 and 17 per cent completed, respectively. Lot Three is being executed by Technocon Investment, which is tasked with building 2750 feet of roads and drains, Lot Four by J.R Ranch Construction Company, which is tasked with constructing 300 feet of road and Lot C by B &J Construction Company which is tasked with executing 1600 feet of road.

Pierre said that Technocon Investment and J.R Ranch Construction company will complete their work in August while B&J Civil Works Construction Company in October.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson recently said road works in the hinterland are very important to the government.


By: Gabreila Patram

Works being carried out on the roads in the community of Mahdia.

Works being carried out on the roads in the community of Mahdia.



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