Scores of Essequibo students turnout to get their Covid jabs

adolescents’ vaccination drive taken to Region Two

Students from the Essequibo Coast have expressed elation that they were able to get their first jab of the Pfizer vaccine, as it will allow them to return to the classrooms.

The vaccination drive for adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17 years old was taken to the Essequibo Coast on Friday, where scores of students, accompanied by their parents were inoculated.

First lady, Mrs. Arya Ali supporting a student who is being vaccinated

In invited comments students from various schools said they want to be able to return to their respective schools as they will be better able to learn and produce better results in their exams. They also related that the vaccine will keep them safe and are encouraging others to do the same.

Samantha Odhoo said, “it made me feel much better and no harm…I’m encouraging others to take your vaccine because it is good for them and the school will be reopen soon”

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, MP speaking to a student while he is being vaccinated

Another student, Valline Nanashwar said she was nervous at first, but she now feels safer and is encouraging her peers to take the vaccine as well.

“First, I was scared to take it but now I felt more better to take it… it would be safer for me to be back in school because it has been so long, I have been home so it would be better for me… I want to say that all of you guys should come out to take your vaccine and be ready to go back to work, prepare to work and be somewhat successful in life.”

Valline Nanashwar, a student who took her first jab

Einstein Kublall said he is pleased that he is immunised against the Coronavirus.

“Basically, it made me feel protected from being hospitalised with the COVID-19 and I could come back to school…I want to come back to school because I’m in Form Four and I have to write CXC in like one more year and I want to learn more.

Student, Einstein Kublall speaking with DPI

“I wanna tell them to come out and take this vaccine because it’s stronger, it protects you from the COVID-19.”

Meanwhile, some parents expressed their gratitude to the Ministries of Health and Education for rolling out the programme.

Anouschka Kublall told DPI that she is concerned about drop-outs and is thankful that the vaccine is available so that children can return to school. Ms. Kublall is encouraging other parents to get their children inoculated.

“Firstly, I would say the Ministry of Education is doing a great job because this Pfizer vaccine from what I heard is a very good vaccine for the children to return back to school and I think that is a good vibe for the children them to return as soon as possible,” she said.

Students who took their Covid vaccines

Another parent Leelawattie Ramdial said, “I feel very good about the vaccination for the children them I think everyone should come out and take their vaccine… I think every parent should bring out their children and take the vaccine it’s very good.” Additionally, Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, MP, and First lady, Mrs. Arya Ali visited the vaccination sites to oversee the process and interact with students and their parents.