Social Cohesion very much alive- President Granger

DPI, Guyana, Friday, December 15, 2017

Though “there are some aspects of social cohesion or social division that have existed for over 100 years this government has been making strides to build a more cohesive nation.”

This view was expressed by President David Granger, this morning at the end of year press conference. When questioned about how the recent conduct of Opposition Members of Parliament will affect social cohesion, President Granger explained, “We would like to have a more civilized relationship based on the conventions…I think people should respect the laws and conventions and the standing orders of the house.”

Citing the example of having to appear before the Chancellor of the Judiciary or the Chief Justice the Head of State, “…there is a way your dress, a way you speak, a way you behave – every person who goes to court respects those conventions.”

The President, however, did point out that “We are struggling against powers and principalities…”

The Ministry of Social Cohesion has developed a national strategic plan to foster greater social harmony. This strategy focuses on embracing diversity, ensuring differences are respected and conflicts resolved.

The observance of Chinese Arrival Day, Indian Arrival Day, Portuguese Arrival Day and other historic events, which signifies Guyana’s multi-cultural society have been celebrated by all. Addressing the National Assembly on November 2, the Head-Of-State said “These observances should not be ignored. They should be used to educate children and promote respect for each other’s cultures and to appreciate, rather than depreciate, the Nation’s diversity.”

The President noted that the advancement of diversity and inclusivity by this administration “is intended to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging to our unique society.” According to the Head of State, for 2018, he has charged the Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton “to bring together some of the youth organizations” to develop a stronger cohesive youth movement in Guyana.

Social Cohesion is difficult to measure, “but not none existent or fading, it’s very strong”, President Granger reiterated, this morning.

By: Zanneel Williams

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