Statement by the Institute of Internal Auditors, Guyana Chapter on the Proposed Referendum on Guyana’s Sovereign Territory

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Guyana Chapter, stands in solidarity with the Government of Guyana in taking requisite actions to protect our sovereign territory. It is well documented that the matter surrounding the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s claims to the Essequibo region of Guyana was settled 125 years ago, by a Tribunal of Arbitration on 3rd October 1899.

The IIA has taken note of the recent announcement made by Venezuela’s Government that several questions were put forward by the National Electoral Council for the purpose of holding a national referendum on 3rd December 2023, over the Essequibo region: a sizeable part of about two-thirds of Guyana’s sovereign territory.

With Guyana being on a path of massive growth and development, with a plethora of projects to support national development, being the subject of a proposed referendum by Venezuela remains a matter of utmost national importance.

The IIA strongly believes that whatever the motives or intention are behind such aspirations is a matter of great concern, not only for Guyana but for the wider regional and international community, given the tremendous investments being made in the country, therefore such actions by Venezuela warrants widespread condemnation.

The Board of Directors of the Institute of Internal Auditors takes this opportunity to endorse the Government of Guyana’s position that Venezuela continues to respect the legitimate International Court of Justice process to resolve the controversy peacefully and fully.