Stop discriminating against frontline healthcare workers −Minister Anthony

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony is urging the public to stop discriminating against healthcare workers, saying they do not pose a COVID-19 risk to anyone.

Dr. Anthony noted that all medical staff undergo a sanitisation process both before they enter and leave health facilities. 

The staff screening, testing, or treating patients exposed to or suffering from COVID-19 have been trained and are clad in personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. 

“When they leave that environment, they would dispose of those PPE. So, when they leave the environment, they are not transmitting anything. Nurses and other medical personnel who work in these environments will not put anybody at risk, and we want the public to understand that,” Minister Anthony said.  

He called on the public and transportation providers, in particular, to treat medical professionals and other frontline workers with respect and consideration.