The Guyana Marketing Corporation continues to support local agro-processors

Liesa Gibson – creating great hair care products

The Guyana Marketing Corporation through its Guyana Shop continues to lend vital support to our nation’s fast-emerging agro-processing industry. This is according to Ms. Leisa Gibson, a local agro processor, beautician, and dedicated mother of one. Ms. Gibson started her entrepreneurial journey 14 years ago as a beautician by opening Leisa’s Salon N Beauty Supply. Eight years later she decided to venture into a new business by creating her very own hair care line of products to contribute to the grooming of healthy hair. 

Ms. Leisa Gibson; Local Agro-Processor

According to Ms. Gibson, some of her customers started complaining about challenges they were experiencing with their hair, which she herself had also experienced. This motivated her to create her line of hair care products.

Leisa’s Salon N Beauty Supply makes products for both men and women. The beauty line carries a variety of handmade soaps, hair and scalp conditioners, hair growth oils, body oils, face serum, body lotions, and body scrubs. Ms. Gibson said currently her biggest supporters are women. She also said she has had positive reviews from her customers, and she was very excited to relay that she has been getting inquiries from persons overseas on how they can purchase her line of products. This agro-processor explained that her current challenge as an entrepreneur is continuing her business during the pandemic, which has resulted in a loss of sales. However, she remains confident that business will improve, using this downtime to experiment with new products. 

Products from Leisa’s Salon N Beauty Supply

Ms. Gibson credits the Guyana Marketing Corporation for the role it plays in marketing and promoting her products. She said she willingly attends all of GMC’s staged activities aimed at building awareness while generating traffic towards local products. These include Farmers Markets, Exhibitions, and other promotional events. Ms. Gibson expressed how thankful she is to participate in these activates and shared how she always uses her participation to build her clientele by meeting potential customers.   

She also expressed her gratitude for GMC’s Guyana Shop, which was the first supermarket to shelve her products and to market them through its Guyana Shop Corners in other leading supermarkets around the country. Over the years, GMC’s officers have worked assiduously to assist agro-processors to improve the overall standard and presentation of their products to a point where they can compete with other regional and international brands.

Products from Leisa’s Salon N Beauty Supply

Ms. Gibson also said the growing demand for Leisa’s Salon N Beauty Supply products keeps her inspired, and motivates her to continue working hard as an agro-processor to further develop her business. Persons desirous of purchasing Ms. Gibson’s products can find them in the Guyana Shop and other Guyana Shop corners in all the major supermarkets.