“Their entire campaign is built around lies and intimidation” – Jagdeo addressed PNC/APNU bully tactic

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, has exposed the longstanding PNC/APNU tactic of bullying and intimidation in an effort to steal elections.

He did so during a press conference at Freedom House on Thursday.

The GS also spoke of the multiple reports of persons being intimidated to retract their names from the PPP/C’s candidate list for the Local Government Elections (LGE).

He said it was for this reason that he publicly appealed to Guyanese, especially Afro-Guyanese supporters, urging them to report cases of harassment.

“They’ve gone to the homes of many of the people, and bullied them basically to say that they did not sign the list.

“They have sought to create a campaign as they have always done, that there is fraud. They are magnifying and lying about these people when they were actively intimidating them to come off the list,”  Dr. Jagdeo explained.

Addressing the APNU-issued statement of 13 persons who claimed that their names were placed on the PPP/C’s list without their consent, Dr Jagdeo clarified that the names were compiled legitimately.

“There is no fraud here. But people were intimidated to withdraw. On a single template, 13 of them, because they were fearful for their lives. We have been calling people, and talking to them if they say that there is something wrong with the list, but there is a whole deal of intimidation.”

He added that this tactic is indicative of the PNC’s ill-preparedness for the LGE, and a clear attempt to distract from the internal turmoil that is hindering the party.