Trail Masters Tours expresses confidence in tourism sector

Managing Director of Trail Masters Adventure Tours, Klaus Christopher Chin has expressed confidence in Guyana’s tourism potential as a major income earner, three years after venturing into adventure tourism locally.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Wednesday, Chin stated that three years ago while on an outing along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, he was inspired to start his tour company.

“It was very early in the morning like 5:00 am. The sun was now coming up…the idea just came to me that this is something we should offer to other people, the adventure, the fun of it all,” he said.

With a background in mining and logging, this created a love for nature, so it came naturally that he would promote adventure tourism.

Managing Director of Trail Masters Guyana, Klaus Christopher Chin on a tour of the Canopy Walkway at Iwokrama

The tour company is licensed by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and therefore enjoys the benefits of the government’s support for the tourism sector.

“The Guyana Tourism Authority plays a very pivotal role in that. They help us along through most of the processes, they help us in training, tour guide, understanding the industry [and] even product development, they are always there to support us so getting support from the government is not difficult,” Chin stated.

On tour with Trail Masters Adventure Tours

Some of the packages offered include a tri-island tour that takes tourists to Hogg Island, Wakenaam, and Leguan in Region Three and Lake Capoey in Region Two.

Fishing, hiking, and camping are some common features of Trail Masters Adventure Tours.

Meanwhile, the company also has several other tours planned for September and a Mount Roraima expedition planned for November. Chin said he also has plans to facilitate overland tours.

Despite the success, Chin voiced the need for more trained tour guides in Guyana.

On tour with Trail Masters Adventure Tours

“You have the same persons operating have to work with different operators, so it’s an area that we need expansion on, where we have a lot more tour guides available.

“The tourism industry, it’s a growing industry, which is one of the reasons why I decided to start it and get involved, it could be one of the major income earners for Guyana as we have all been told by our Minister of Tourism,” he added.

Trail Masters Adventure Tours at Mt. Roraima

He also noted that concessions on vehicles for tourism businesses will also make it less expensive to travel around Guyana, where high travel costs can be a deterrent to interior travel.

Chin said Guyana has a unique tourism product and while persons might say that it is cheaper to visit one of the Caribbean countries than the Rupununi for example, a visit to the Rupununi offers something different.