Vaccinated persons encouraging others to take the COVID-19 jab

Individuals immunised against the deadly COVID-19 are encouraging others to take their jabs at any of the 100 vaccination sites across the country, as we work together to achieve herd immunity.

Vaccination process at the Ministry’s vaccination site, Brickdam

DPI recently visited the Ministry of Health’s, Brickdam, Georgetown office and spoke with several individuals who took their jabs.

Cadene Reid said “I took the Sputnik, second dose, I am actively working and engaging with people and it is better to be safe than sorry. And I would advise anyone whose going out there and working, you have your kids, you have your family, take the vaccine and get some kind of protection. It is better to have any protection than none at all.”

Cadene Reid

Troy Daniels shared similar views. “I does do security work, so therefore I does got to deal with the public on a daily basis and to protect me and my family the safest thing for I do was to go get the vaccination so that’s what I did.

Troy Daniels

Daniels noted further, “when I took the vaccine, I didn’t get no type ah side effects, nothing, so I would tell people to go take the vaccine to be on the safe side.”

Another citizen, Michael DeCosta, who is an avid footballer, said from his research, he has learnt that the vaccine reduces the severity of symptoms, once Covid is contracted.

Michael De Costa

“I don’t want to be in a close contact sport and I am not fully vaccinated putting myself under unnecessary risks,” he told DPI.

DeCosta said, “I hope we get more doses, so that everyone can have it. Well, firstly I believe in being vaccinated for the purpose that it may not prevent you from getting Covid, but it would reduce the effects of the symptoms and it would be better for my family in that way.”

Expressing similar views, Graceanna Crandon said “to be safe, not because taking the vaccine you won’t get Covid but it won’t show so bad in your system so that’s why I decided to take the vaccine. I encourage persons to come out and take the vaccine to be safe and ease the higher rate of Covid deaths in the country.”

Graceanna Crandon

Some elderly persons were also at the Brickdam location for their jabs, Shondell Wright, who had just taken her shot, related, “I take my vaccine to avoid getting COVID-19 to protect my family and my grandchildren. I encourage them out there that they must take the vaccines just to prevent this sickness.”

Shondell Wright

Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, recently warned persons against becoming complacent, as there has been a steady increase in COVID-19 cases, with more persons being hospitalised. He said close to 100 persons are currently hospitalised, with over 20 persons in the Covid Intensive Care Unit at the Infectious Disease Hospital, Liliendaal.

Persons waiting to be vaccinated