Villages in Region Nine benefit greatly from Jubilee Grant

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Primary School children from the Indigenous Village of Annai in Region Nine will benefit from a hot meal kitchen as the village received $1.5M as part of Jubilee Grant Projects. Besham Ramsaywack, Management Development Officer Region Nine in an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) said that Region Nine has 56 villages, which have all received Jubilee Grants last year.

Surama Totem Pole Project

The Grants ranged from $800,000 to two million dollars, while the size and population of the villages were taken into consideration for grants can be issued. Ramsaywack explained that village meetings are held to decide what the village/community needs. The Village Council then submitted their proposal to the Ministry of Indigenous along with the minutes of the meeting and the Ministry then processed the grants and the money was then disbursed.

The Mosara Village built a Benab which can be used as a multi -purpose building to keep village meetings and Heritage activities. While the Surama Village Council collected their Jubilee Grant of $1,200,000 on  July 11, 2016 for the beautification of Totem Pole Roundabout and furnishing of the Guest House. Other villages Jubilee grants that Ramsaywack highlighted to GINA

Hotmeal Kitchen for Annai Primary School

were utilized on infrastructure works including building of village offices, multi – purpose buildings bridges, roads , upgrading of roads, purchasing All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), boat engines and minibuses.

The ATV that the village of Parabara purchased has benefitted the community greatly.  Ramsaywack explained that the trail is very bad and only way to get to Aishalton is either by tractor or truck,  so with the purchase of the ATV, transportation will be faster in the event of an emergency to bring a villager out for medical attention.

In the village of Surrari, the Council purchased a minibus with their grant and the village Council savings, Ramsaywack said that council will be able to transport sick persons to Lethem for emergency medical attention, pensioners to collect their pensions, in addition transporting persons to shop at Lethem.

Last year $280M was allocated to the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs to aid 212 Indigenous communities to facilitate projects to benefit their residents.


By: Gabreila Patram


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