Warapoka to get 10 houses under Hinterland Housing Programme

The community of Warapoka in Region One will soon benefit from the construction of 10 elevated, timber houses, through government’s Hinterland Housing Programme.

This project addresses the housing needs of vulnerable communities.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal during remarks in Warapoka

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal made the disclosure during the distribution of a quantity of solar panels at Warapoka Guesthouse, Sunday morning.

Minister Croal highlighted that the community has already commenced the process of cutting the wood to be used in the construction of the houses.

This is another investment of about $30 million being injected into the village, which takes the total injection in the community to over $100 million within three years. 

Among the financial investments by government in the village is $6 million for the purchase of a minibus to be used for transportation purposes.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, Toshao, Jeremy Boyal and other officials at the construction site for the houses

The community is also benefitting from a $6.5 million tractor and trailer with harrow and plough. The tractor is being used to boost agriculture as well as transportation.

Meanwhile, construction on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hub is also progressing smoothly. 

“Progress is being made, here, in Warapoka as you drive or walk in the community. It is a pleasing sight,” the housing and water minister stressed.

Meanwhile, Toshao of Warapoka, Jeremy Boyal, is thrilled that residents from the community will benefit from new houses.

The Toshao highlighted that one year ago, a letter was written to Minister Croal requesting for the houses to be constructed for the families.

Residents at the solar panel distribution in Warapoka Village

“I am very excited…I think it has been a start that we have never had before. The 10 beneficiaries are really excited as well. I think we are proud to know that we can be supported,” Toshao Boyal noted.

He expressed optimism that the housing project will be the launching pad for other developmental works in the community.

This project will not only generate employment opportunities for residents but also improve disposable income to their households.