“We have to change Guyana from the bottom up” – PM Nagamootoo

– without effective leadership, starting at the ‘grassroots’ level, positive changes will not occur

DPI, Guyana, Monday, August 19, 2019

Residents of Blairmont were reminded that the ongoing community meetings allow the government officials to meet and address issues that affect the citizenry at the “grassroots level”.

Prime Minister, Hon. Moses Nagamootoo was in the community of Blairmont over the weekend to meet with residents in the area. It was highlighted that the opposition-controlled Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) was not implementing the development projects for the community.

“Here in the Blairmont NDC, there are 14 seats on the council and at the moment 11 seats held by the PPP and three seats by the APNU,” he noted.

After pointing this out, he called on the residents to hold their officials accountable. He opined that the opposition is not implementing the projects as a tactic to hinder the development of the area.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo emphasised that without effective leadership, starting at the ‘grassroots’ level, positive changes will not occur.

“Government is a partnership between the grassroots and the region and central government,” he underscored.

“This journey has to continue. We are here to listen to you in this process of consolations and on how to go forward,” the Prime Minister concluded.

The Prime Minister, along with other ministers of government were in the Region 5 villages on Sunday to meet with residents once again. The high-level team was also in Region 6 on Friday to engage the residents in the various communities. Thus far, the team has managed to meet with Guyanese across the country to listen to their concerns, going into their villages to see their challenges and identifying ways these can be addressed.