Women encouraged to become leaders  

DPI, Guyana, Friday, June 8, 2018

The Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute is holding its eighth two-day workshop in Bartica geared at encouraging women’s involvement in local government and leadership.

“It really touches my heart to see so many women in this room. That in itself is saying something to us that women are indeed ready to take up leadership roles in their respective communities and by extension their country,” said Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Annette Ferguson in her feature address.

The Minister also noted that the level of interest expressed by the women is a direct indication of their willingness to be involved in community development and local government positions, a field usually dominated by men.

Based on its mission, the institute has set out to promote and to support women and girls as leaders and decision makers at various level of society through education and training. The agency is facilitating equal access and increased participation in the process of self-development, community development and national development.

This workshop on gender and local government female decision makers, is being held in several regions across the country. It is geared to promote a platform that would equip participants with the requisite skills to improve their individual and institutional competence within their communities.

Gordon Bradford, Regional Chairman of Cuyuni-Mazaruni told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that “the law stipulates that you must have a certain percentage of women in the councils, whether it’s the town councils, M&CC, NDC’s, or the Government itself and I think that this session is to bring information and enlighten our women to the roles that they can also play in leadership.”

From the time of its establishment in 1997 the institute, an agency within the Ministry of Social Protection, has been making significant contributions to the development of women at various levels of society and across all ten regions.

By: Nateshia Isaacs

Images: Kenny Ann Bacchus.