Women of Region 5 Sharply Encouraged to be more vocal and productive – “There is no true Democracy without the equal participation of women and men”- Hon. Amna Ally.

April 12, 2018

Today the Ministry of Social Protection through the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute held a workshop under the theme “Enhancing Capabilities and Increasing Choices.”

Hon Minister Amna Ally, Minister of Social Protection

The workshop was held at the Regional Democratic Boardroom in Region 5 and its sole focus was to enable and encourage women to be active and involved in the decision making process now that the local government election was insight.

In her speech to the audience, Hon. Amna Ally, Minister of Social Protection, mentioned that she wanted to see women in a more prominent role and voicing the opinions of Region 5 for the holistic development of the country of Guyana.

“Women must get involved in production and manufacturing even if you have to turn soil and clean the gutters with men too”, she said after prequalifying the statement that Genders must be equal in policy development  and decision making process for the nation to grow.

Minister Ally mentioned that the women must stop the thinking that their entire duty lies only in the kitchen and the house and the men too must stop limiting women to it.

Hon. Jennifer Wade, MP who spoke on behalf of the Regional Executive Officer Mr. Ovid Morrison, encouraged the women to see the workshop as an addition to their empowerment as women.

This series of workshop being conducted by the Ministry of Social Protection through the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute is a developed initiative to evoke the latent leadership abilities or skills that women have across Guyana to create an enabling environment in which all women in Guyana can thrive and  uncover their true potential. This is further linked to the sustainable development goal number 5 which speaks to Gender Equality.

Tricia Watson, Coordinator, GWLI.

Hon. Jennifer Wade & Hon. Amna Ally.




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