Zeelugt residents commend govt for tangible development

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The residents of Zeelugt have commended the government for providing tangible development within the community.

A community meeting held at the Zeelugt Nursery School and hosted by Minister of Public Security, Hon. Khemraj Ramjattan was held to get feedback from residents and allow them to raise concerns. However, many of them took the opportunity to commend the government for the work they have been doing in making citizens lives better, especially in the community.

Asif Hamid said that he has benefitted significantly under the Coalition Government while residing in the community. “Zeelugt Phase One, Two and Three have benefitted significantly from the APNU+AFC Government in terms of lights, roads and the nursery school, which has been upgraded, and I know more benefits are still coming. This government has definitely delivered for us,” Hamid stated.

Bernice Zephyr was happy that the minister took the time to visit, interact and listen to the issues of the people of Zeelugt. She too spoke well of the development taking place in the community.

“I know at Zeelugt; they [government] have been doing tremendous work. I have seen some vast improvement within our community. Certain infrastructure would have been put in place, and we are very happy about that. I know children in the community benefitted from having better access to their school, and they have been attending school regularly, and we are grateful for that,” Zephyr noted.

Minister Ramjattan, during remarks, noted that development will continue to take place under the Coalition Government. With oil production to begin within a few months, he noted that the development will be on a much broader scale. He explained that the government will have the resources to do all things necessary, countrywide.