200 families soon to benefit from housing in Fort Ordinance, Region Six

Greater financial stability, improved security and a strengthened sense of community will now be extended to 200 families.

This is as President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, announced the completion and allocation of 200 brand-new turn-key homes in Fort Ordinance, Region Six.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, on Thursday evening inspected a number of homes in Region Six as part of his outreach to the region

The construction of the homes falls under the PPP/C government’s wide-reaching housing programme, which seeks to improve the lives of all Guyanese by providing them with access to modern and affordable housing, regardless of geographic location.

“These homes come completely finished, they are given exterior lights, the GPL power is already in, the GWI water is already in. The road is almost finished, so we just have to put the finishing touches here,” President Ali said.

He was, at the time, conducting a walkabout and inspection of the homes on Thursday evening.

Dr Ali stated that the infrastructure development in Fort Ordinance totalled some $800 million, while the housing construction saw an investment of approximately $1.8 billion.

The construction was completed in just over a year, and saw approximately 700 persons employed.

However, Fort Ordinance will not be the only area benefitting from development, as some 1,200 houses are slated for construction across Region Six.

“That will see close to 6,000 workers—skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers— in the housing sector alone. And that’s just the building of homes. I’m not speaking about the infrastructure development— the roads, the drainage. And that by itself creates huge demand,” Dr Ali outlined to persons who were assembled for the inspection.

In December, 100 low-income homes were completed in Hampshire/Williamsburg, Region Six.

The initiative saw some 400 small contractors and small builders of various skill sets being employed for its successful execution.

Some of the homes inspected by President Ali on Thursday evening in Region Six

The government has also allocated some $10 billion for developmental works in Palmyra.

This includes a community centre and urban hub, the expansion of a new four-lane highway, and a number of other infrastructural works.

The project is in keeping with the government’s commitment to ensuring Region Six remains part of the large-scale transformation taking place across Guyana.