377 trained teachers graduate from CPCE!

—President pledges his Government’s unwavering commitment to building an educated nation

DPI, Guyana, Friday, December 13, 2019

Three hundred and seventy-seven newly trained teachers will be entering the school system in the new term.

The Cyril Potter College of Education held its graduation ceremony on Friday with the new teachers drawn from its Turkeyen campus in Region 4, Rose Hall campus in Region 6, and the new Anna Regina campus in Region 2.

His Excellency, President David Granger, delivered the feature address and pledged his government’s unwavering commitment to building an educated nation.

“Teachers are the sinews of the country’s education system. Teachers hold the key to realising a world-class education system in which every child will have an opportunity to be educated at four levels, nursery, primary, secondary and university at state expense,” the president remarked.

President Granger vowed that education would be given the highest priority from January 1, 2020, to mark the launch of the decade of development. He noted that the work had already started.

“Teacher training has been improved with the establishment of our training centres in Anna Regina, Bartica, Paramakatoi, Moraikobai, these centres will help to boost teacher training particularly in the hinterland and remote rural areas,” His Excellency added.

Minister of Education, the Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry delivered a strong charge to the new graduates, urging them to mould Guyana’s minds well.

“We have to continually develop new strategies to deliver 21st-century education, investing in people, communities, and education to ensure that all of the people in this country can have access to the best education and opportunities so that they can prosper, prepare and participate in a resilient Guyana,” Minister Henry stressed.

From training to increased stipends and allowances and multi-million-dollar facility upgrades at the CPCE, teachers in training have received tremendous support because of the value placed on education in the last four years.

The principal of the CPCE, Viola Rowe, commended the graduates on their hard work and their selfless service and encouraged lifelong learning for a stronger teaching corps.

Of the 377 graduates, 82 will move on to teach at the early childhood level, 125 at the primary level, and 170 at the secondary level.