60 small businesses participating in National Small Business Week 2023

Some 60 small businesses will be participating in the 2023 edition of the National Small Business Week from July 21-29, under the theme, “Strategic Collaboration for Success.”

This year the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) partnered with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and corporate sponsor GTT to host the event.

(From right) Kester Hudson, President, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Evie Gurcharan, Chairperson for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Committee; and Orson Ferguson Operations Director at GTT

During the launching ceremony at the Pegasus Suites and Corporate Centre on Friday, President of GCCI, Kester Hutson said the event focuses on fostering partnerships that will pave the way for growth and prosperity.

“We recognise that you have quite a few businesses who in their own space, operate but don’t have the resources to grow and develop. With our over 800 members within the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will now ask these members to start looking at the different lenses of collaboration… pool their resources, go after contracts, go after projects, to grow in a successful and steady manner,”Hutson noted.

Chairperson for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Committee, Evie Gurcharan revealed that the upcoming event is poised to take a broader approach that will provide an even greater platform for entrepreneurs to thrive.

“We really want to invite the general public to come out and support those 60 businesses, they will be businesses across industries, we have from GCCI as well as GTT vendors, so it will be a very nice cross-section of businesses,” Gurcharan stated.

Meanwhile, GTT’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Business Solutions, Orson Ferguson believes that small business success is integral to overall economic prosperity.

“We also believe that small and medium-sized businesses absolutely need more platforms to showcase their products and services. We think that the expo is an excellent platform for small businesses. We think that the seminars and the training, and exposure that those activities bring to small businesses is extremely important,”Ferguson added.

The nine-day activity will feature the celebration of small businesses, while a video series will feature rising entrepreneurs. Activities will culminate with a business seminar and expo at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

The expo is exclusive to GCCI members and GTT vendors, however, the seminars will be live streamed and persons are encouraged to attend or view online.