Guyana Learning Channel, other resources vital for pupils’ NGSA preparation

The Guyana Learning Channel (GLC), alongside various educational resources, has played a pivotal role in preparing pupils for this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

This was according to insights shared by several pupils from Winfer Gardens Primary School in Georgetown, during a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Expressing confidence in their readiness despite encountering challenging questions during Thursday’s examinations, pupils underscored the significance of their study routines in achieving positive outcomes.

Pupil, Jamie Trim

One of the pupils, Jamie Trim, reflected on her exam experience and attributed her success to a diligent study regimen, which included watching the Guyana Learning Channel and collaborative study sessions with peers.

Similarly, Jeremiah Greaves described his examination as challenging. He highlighted the importance of revising key concepts beforehand to avoid last-minute cramming.

“I feel pretty good because it was not hard but it was not easy,” he emphasised.

Pupil, Akeesha Lowe

Akeesha Lowe, optimistic about her forthcoming exams, credited her preparation to watching educational videos on the learning channel and practising with past papers provided by the ministry.

“The last test yesterday was easy. Science was a little bit hard. But paper two would bring me up because it was easy,” she said.

She hopes to secure placement at Queen’s College or Bishops’ High School.

Pupils, Saud Case and Sadia Case

Sharing their perspectives, Saud Case and Sadia Case emphasized the usefulness of past papers in their study preparations.

Pupil, Jason Williams and his mother, Kesyha Williams

Parent Kesyha Williams commended the accessibility of learning channel content and other materials distributed by teachers, which facilitated her son Jason Williams’ comprehensive revision across all subjects.

The Guyana Learning Channel offers a diverse range of educational materials, including booster videos, the NGSA booster program, Whiz Kids, and NGSA Help, tailored to empower students and enhance their academic performance.

The NGSA booster programme, in particular, covers a wide array of topics aligned with the NGSA curriculum, providing comprehensive support for students preparing for the examination.

Over 15,000 pupils countrywide registered to write the examination this year with results expected to be available on or before July 5. The pupils were tested in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English Language. 

The examination this year, was prepared covering topics up to the Grade Five level based on the consolidated curriculum.