APNU+AFC Joint Statement

The APNU+AFC Coalition is united and strong

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Coalition, comprising A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change, struggled on the street, in the regions, and in the National Assembly for the restoration of local democracy.

These Local Government Elections were a clear demonstration of the democratic renewal that has been ushered in by the APNU+AFC administration. The results more than anything else, represent a victory, for democracy and for the people of Guyana.

APNU and the AFC remain steadfast in our commitment to democracy and local governance and to empowering our citizens in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana, to freely exercise their right to elect representatives of their choice to local councils.

The APNU+AFC Coalition is further committed to ensuring that the three levels of government: central, regional and municipal, through regular General and Regional Elections and Local Government Elections, complement each other and can begin to work for the common good; rather than against each other.

These elections saw all of the major municipalities remaining under Coalition governance and victories were recorded in several NDCs.

We thank the Guyana Elections Commission and its staff for the efficient execution and supervision of the elections. The exemplary organisation of these elections by the Guyana Elections Commission is commendable. It validates GECOM’s capacity to hold free, fair and credible elections in Guyana.

The Coalition would like to thank all Guyanese for the peaceful manner with which they participated in the elections. We thank all candidates who competed for office and we commend all political parties, groups and individuals for their participation.

APNU+AFC congratulates all of the voters who honoured their civic duty and participated in this process; out of their desire to see improvement in the conditions within their communities; and to see that there is improvement in the management and development of their communities.

The Coalition congratulates the successful candidates who will now become councillors within our NDCs and municipalities. It is now time to shed political partisanship and join hands and unite in working together for the development of our communities.

The successful candidates now have an opportunity to participate and to lead in the process of the renewal of their communities and to continue the reversal of the decay that had beset may of our NDC’s as a result of the near collapse of the local government system during the two decades of neglect by the Peoples Progressive Party.

The Central Government recommits to working with all elected municipal and NDC bodies to improve the lives of residents at the community level throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.

Finally, as we reaffirmed in a statement last evening, the Coalition remains strong and united and is now, more intent than ever to intensify the work in realising the good life for all Guyanese.


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